Comfort guaranteed

Comfort guaranteed

ThermoFit Symbio® products have been developed with the greatest care by our experts to ensure maximum comfort whilst you sleep. manufactured according to the lates European Committee guidelines and have been CE approved class 1 to serve as medical utilities. Through our expert knowledge and quality control we are able to deliver a top quality product that serves you and helps you get a good and healthy night's sleep.

ThermoFit® products are manufactured according to European Commission guidelines (93/42/EEC) and are classed by the EC as medical support, class 1. Thanks to our expertise and attention to quality we are able to manufacture top of the range products which will guarantee you a good night´s sleep.

All ThermoFit® products come with a 5 year guarantee on materials and production.

Should you have a problem with your purchase, please contact customer service. We will be delighted to help you further.

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